Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 Apr 7 - Preston South Stake, Idaho


Sorry, for the lack of an E-mail last week. I couldn't quite get to it. We used all our time long boarding like Ne'er-Do-Wells.

But there are actually some things of note:
GENERAL CONFERENCE! General Conference was amazing! Aaand... I went to Conference! :D
I went to the Saturday Morning Session and heard some really good talks! Almost all of them were about getting married and having kids. xD but that's okay! I guess  they *will* apply to me later. XD
My companion says that he's going to tell the mission president to send him home so he can follow the counsel of the Apostles. XD A few pictures are attached of my visit to the conference Center.

ALSO, we had a BAPTISM this week! Hannah! She is about ten and was practically running to font and diving in. She really loves going to church and she feels sad that she can't go all the time. She was the best!
Also, while she and my companion (who baptized her) were changing into dry clothes, I had to give a restoration in front of all the people who were just sitting there... alone... by myself... with no one to help me... while flying solo. I was nervous, but I apparently did well enough to bring in the spirit very strong, I was real proud of my efforts, but honestly, I cheated, I prayed before I went up. X)

And I'll leave you with a testimony or two. I know that God answers our prayers and helps us when we ask for help. And I know that the gospel is true, and that baptism is the first step to salvation. and I know that God loves us, and that he wants to bless us. I know that Missionaries have a very important job, and that we have to be our best on our mission out here. I've also learned that missionary work is almost impossible without members! So, if you think of anyone for the missionaries to teach, tell them so they can try to teach them the gospel. I say these things in he name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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