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2015 Jan 20 - Clearfield, UT


Hello everyone! It's been a while!
To catch you up, I saw David Archuleta in the Em-tee-see before I
left; him and Richard Elliot. They were both really awesome! :o
Brother Elliot played the piano and his best song was a melody that he
made, it was a bunch of the most difficult parts of different
Christmas songs. (Show off! XD)
Brother Aruchleta was fresh off of his mission and told us a bit of
it, but his best messages were the songs he sang, of which I only
remember one: Glorious. The others are lost to my horrible memory. It
was awesome.

We took the train (The Frontrunner) to Ogden at 4 in the morning,
Tuesday. I took another amazing nap! :)
We got to the the mission office and were greeted by the mission
president and his wife. Who were both very happy to see us. They're
like our mom and dad/grandma and grandpa. (And no, they don't replace
the ones I have at home) they just love me as if they were those

We slept over at the Mission home. Everyone decided to go to bed
early: 8:30. But not go to sleep until 10:30. There were some silly
stories and some racist jokes. I was a little.... Out of breath as I
laughed so hard. Best story was about Boboji and in the end, he makes
pancakes out of Tigers, find it, and read it. X)

We were told, half way through the next day, we were going to get our
companions in the cultural Hal of the mission office. And we were told
that it was a very reverent meeting. That it started and ended with a
prayer and a hymn would be sung. As we walked in, it was dead quiet...
For four seconds, then everyone sprang up all at once and started
cheering and screaming for the greenies. One Elder knocked over chairs
and threw them to the floor. One elder had a white handkerchief and
was spinning it over his head and yelling like he was at a football
All the greenies got a trainer, and as each was called, the greenie
stood at the front of the room and introduced them selves, then... The
trainer was called. Everyone gave a drum roll, a chant of "yeah, yeah,
yeah" while clapping hands and banging feet, or a clap that ramped up
and got faster and reached it's crescendo just before the name was
called, and then everyone lost it.
"Aaaaaauuuugghghhgugahaughguggauighuguiagjh" "aw yeah" "that's my
son!" "Yeah boy!!!!!" And more
When my name was called, I stood up. "I'm Elder Padilla from Phoenix
AZ." *cheering* "yeah" *laughs* "and my weapon of the zombie
apocalypse would be... Elder Cochran." *muttering of approval*
My trainer was called and he ran up, picked me up and carried me away
to our seats. It was awesome.

Since then, we've had trouble seeing eye to eye, but we're working it
out and advancing through our missions. It's been crazy, but we're
getting better at communicating what needs to change.

Our biggest problem is that I don't know the lessons and I don't know
his teaching methods, so I'm left in the dust a lot of the time. X3
But I'll learn. :)

It's especially tough because I have hours of study that need to be
done, but only one hour a day to do my personal study.
Also, the sleep schedule just came to me yesterday, otherwise, I
haven't been able to keep my eyes open all day.

I'm setting goals and praying a lot more. I'm getting a steroid
injection into my testimony everyday and I love it. :)

Keep being awesome everyone! And I Miss you all! Bye-Bye! :D
*Attack On Titan Outro*

Oh yeah,
This is going way better.
My companion and I are finally figuring out what to do with each
other, we're listening and not talking as much. Less lectures! YAY!

By the way, I haven't said yet. I'm in 2020b S Main Clearfield UT, 84015.
And Clearfield is not like Ogden at all. :)
There are no gangs and the whole place is pretty nice. I love the
members here, they're fantastic. I've actually been able to take
leftovers home once already. :3 LEFTOVERS! @w@

I may have made my companion sound meaner than he was. (No I didn't,
I've never talked about him)
His name is Elder Patten, and to my joy, he supplied me with a blanket
that is super warm on him and makes him sweat, so he gave it to me to
use. It works and can keep me at the right temperature at night. :D
He also supplied my food the first couple days until I could buy my own.
He's been in Clearfield "since Noah built the ark." In other words for
8 months, and he'll be here three more months training me. He's
thinking about buying a plot of land so that he can be buried when he
dies here. The mission president told him to start looking for a house
too. X3

Back to bed time. The bed is cold when I get in, so I have to shiver
until it warms up.

I got half a bottle of Habanero sauce from a member, that I'm using
liberally in whatever needs spice, but I yearn for the sauce I knew
from my childhood. *wistfully sighs* El Yucateca.

Before I end this, I have two things to say.
1. A quote from my MTC companion:
"It starts with candy, and ends with eternal damnation"
2. A spiritual thought:
You can pray every time you do anything, to be more focused on the Lord.
A classic prayer schedule would look like this:
1. Pray in the morning when you wake up
2. Pray over breakfast
3. Pray before you leave, that you will travel in safety
4. When you arrive, say a prayer of thanks and a prayer, blessing you
with the strength to get through today's struggles
5. Pray silently over lunch
6. Pray thankfully when your day is over that you had the strength to
do what needed to be done, and that you'll travel in safety back to
your family
7. Pray for inspiration from scriptures or pray for family home evening
8. Pray over dinner
9. Pray before you fall asleep
And all though the day, pray when something is hard so that you can do
it, and pray when something is easy so you can thank God that it was
so easy.
Prayer brings us closer to God and opens the windows of Heaven so that
Blessings can pour down on our heads daily; and if prayer opens the
windows of heaven, why shouldn't we pray at all times so that we're
always able to receive that wonderful blessing?
I pray that you ponder the message I've left you all and that you put
it into your lives. In Christ's name. Amen.

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