Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 Feb 4 - Clearfield, UT

Too busy for P-day
Sorry for the lack of an E-mail last week, work is in great supply, and this E-mail is late because P-day was nuts. We went on a temporary exchange, and the Elders I was with went to a comic book store and we all talked Geek for the whole time we were there. (about an hour).
I've been working with a lot of less actives, non-members, and recently baptized, the best of which are Jose Ramirez, Tyden Covert, and Ruben. José is a golden investigator who already had great morals before we started teaching him, and he's prepared to be baptized on the 28th. Tyden Covert is an eleven year old(?) that wants to get baptized, he has committed to the 28th. Ruben is a recent convert that is receiving his recent convert lessons, and his understanding of the gospel is really great and he's going to talk to his bishop about his patriarchal blessing this week!

Also, last Wednesday I was told by the Mission doctor that I had pneumonia, so that's why I've been so tired! I've figured it out! :D
He gave me a prescription that I finished taking on Monday, so I should be all better soon! YAY!

The other day, I prayed to God, wondering what advice he had for me. What I heard was:
"I love you.
you're doing good.
do better."
And isn't that what God wants all of us to do?
He always loves us and that's why that is always first. second, he congratulates us, proud of what we are doing right in our lives. And then, at the end, he tells us that we should improveour daily affairs, and be better than we are, because we can all be better. especially me. X3
I hope you all had a wonderful week. See you next week! BYE-BYE!
["Teach me the commandments" plays as the outro as Elder Padilla Dances to his next lesson]

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