Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 Feb 17 - Clearfield, UT

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Well, Another stressful week for me, everything has improved but I learned that you should be wary of challenging your companion to a game of Monopoly, since you might crush them to a pulp, if you need a picture, picture this: eight hotels, 3657 Dollars, a little over half the property, and no mercy, and All of his properties were mortgaged too. He got so mad that he wouldn't talk to me for a couple hours.
Now for something completely different!  Transfers are coming up! and I'm under scrutiny! I don't know if I'm saying good bye to Clearfield, or what! But I hope my companion isn't pulling my leg that I'm getting transferred, because I want to be transferred badly! XD
Today I went and talked to a Man named John Hill, because members have said that I might have Asberger's, so we (Brother Hill and I) set up a test so I could either say "take it easy on me, I'm special" or "lay off, I'm just a normal guy". Asberger's isn't like being stupid, it means that you don't pick up on social queues as well as other people, concerning what's acceptable and what is "UNACCEPTABLE!"
This week, my companion has stopped yelling at me and started talking to me. It's been nice(besides the monopoly game).
We've been working on investigators and now we've just got a few more lessons for Tyden and we'll have all the lessons done for José, Tyden, and Kasen; three baptisms, one day.

This morning, I studied President Uchtdorf's talk entitled "The infinite power of Hope". Hope means to Believe and have Faith in Christ and his Atonement. It means that no matter how bad things get, you trust God that he will either make things better, or that it will be for your gain. Hope means that you believe that God will honor his promises, covenants, and that he will give you all that you've earned through your obedience. Hope means that, "although your sins [are red] they [can become] as white as snow". Hope means that Hope is never lost, the opposite of Hope is Despair.
I invite all of you to continue to have Hope, because you can always believe and trust in God's promises and receive your heavenly reward with Your Father in Heaven, with eternal increase forever and ever. I promise that everything will work itself out in time and that, while you may need to help some problems a little more than others, they will all pass and you will get to the light at the end of the tunnel and find joy there. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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