Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 Jun 23 - Preston South Stake, Idaho


Hello everybody! :D

I am E-mailing you from wonderful Idaho! This is my last day here as my area is being destroyed! :)
My area is being given to the Zone Leaders so this area will not exist anymore! This is happening because there were a lot of missionaries leaving this transfer and not as many coming in, so we don't have the missionaries to support as many areas any more!
I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders (if only for a day).
I will be going to Logan! :D The place that I spend my P-days in! :D

  I love my mission, and I love God, he is really good to me. :)
I am glad to be out of here, even though I have had some good memories here. :)
On to something new and something better! :)
The missionaries tell me that my first two areas were actually really hard, and so that makes me feel like I can take anything on now. :)

I am rolling in the money and so I feel good about how I'm doing in that department. Like I said, God is good. :)
Well, Thank you all for your prayers and I hope that they continue as I enter a new area!

Until next time! [Dubstep Outro]

P.S. A letter is coming home, soon after the start July, so be ready for that!
And here is a shot of my area, see if you can find what's wrong in
this picture! :D
It's good. :)

Some days Sad, some days happy... :)

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