Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 Jan 2 - MTC

Well, this has been

a pretty awesome experience! Granted, I've been asleep for a lot of it, but it's been great nonetheless! I hope you all had a great New Years! My district celebrated by not going to to bed at 10:30, but instead staying up until 10:31. Yeah. we're rule breakers. XD

I've learned that they don't give you a choice about fasting in the MTC, they don't serve Breakfast or Lunch, so I'm looking forward to all the complaining and whining from the district. X3

I'd give you a play by play, but the days meld together so strangely on the mission. it feels like I got here about a week ago! even though it was three times as long! 

I've had a great experience here and I'm glad I could come here. :3

This has been an amazing week.

And I know that it'll only get better... until it gets worse... (When people don't accept the gospel)

But I know that this is the true gospel and that I will be directed by God so that everyone who would accept it, will accept it and be baptized in the name of Christ.
I've learned the importance of Study here, and if I keep this up... LOOK OUT COLLEGES! I'm going to study so hard that I'll teach the professors. (not really, but that would be awesome)

Well, I hope this next week will treat you as well as it'll treat me. 

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Missionary Memes:

General Letter(BCC): I'm getting the
hang of this now!
This week did not go by fast enough for me! D:
I was just struggling to even get along with my district, they keep wanting to do everything as a district! (as if that happens in the field)
I especially have problems with a particular elder named Elder Huff(y)man. He wants to be a cop, so he's practicing being tough, I guess! :/
but other than that, *sings* everything is awesome! :D
and everything is even better when you work as a team! X3

There's so much food here that I've had to dial back and try my hardest to eat healthily! there's so much greasy food! you could get diabeetus if you stayed here too long! D:
There's about 6 hours of study every day! and half an hour of planning. everything else is breakfast, lunch, dinner, devotionals,and gym! No time for sin! X3

Beyond Elder Huffman, everyone else is great! Great Companion, Great Zone leaders, Great District leader, and Branch leaders, and mixed and assorted Elders. X3

Yesterday, Elder Russell M. Nelson came to the MTC for a devotional. his wife started by giving us a wonderful talk about giving our all to the Lord and holding nothing back, I have some notes on it. :3
then Elder Nelson got up and started by saying thank you to all our families for sending us on missions and wishing them and us Merry Christmas! then I fell asleep. D:
I woke to him ending his talk with "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen"
Proving that God has a sense of Humor.
"I'll make him to wake up right at this point! XD"
thanks... X3

Later today, I'll teaching an investigator about the Plan of Salvation! And I'm sure he'll like that, seeing as how his wife is already a member and as it will give more meaning to his life. :)

I miss you all and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! (where you didn't sleep through the best part of it. XD

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